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About Us

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Shmoo's Kitchen

Shmoo’s Wood-Fired Kitchen, run by Shmoo Almarsoomi, is a mobile wood-fired pizzeria which caters at festivals, private parties and weddings. Based in Manchester, Shmoo’s Kitchen has been operating for over three years and caters for events all around the country. Passionate about pizza, this mobile pizzeria, will make your party pop!


Freshest Ingredients

It all starts with the

Freshest Seasonal ingredients


With love

If you know anything about pizzas, then you’ll know the best ones come out of a wood fired oven. The bubbles of moisture breaking out of the dough at super hot temperatures create the texture that only wood-fired ovens can produce. FRESHNESS is everything to us. By locally sourcing our ingredients and maintaining a high standard, we know we’re cooking at the top of our game. Caputo 00 flour and our secret homemade tomato sauce make up the alluring base for our eclectic array of topping combinations, from the age old pepperoni and buffalo mozzarella to asparagus and beyond.


Your Special Day

And finishes in a

wood-fired oven

Catering for your

Special day

Shmoo’s Kitchen can cater for festivals, private parties and weddings. Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your day a truly memorable one. Our artisan pizzas and friendly smiling faces are enough to ignite any party or event! Offering a selection of different varieties and combinations, we tailor to your very own taste and style. With our gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options, no one will go without at your special event! Guests are able to create their own pizza combinations from our seasonal selection of the freshest ingredients.


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